Monday 5 January 2015

Now Six Novels on the Tabs


Now click on the tab above for new information, the inspiration for  the story. and a chapter extract for my novel 

The Real Life of Studs McGuire, 

Go to Tab

Saturday 20 December 2014

Five up, four to go

I now have five of my novels here on my new site LifetwicetastedBOOKS,

Click on the title tabs above for my writer's notes about the evolution of a particular novels and about an outline of the story. Read some reviews and also read a chapter extract for each book..

Four more to go! Hoping to finish before I go to London on Monday.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Making Progress

I am making a little bit of progress setting up this new blog alongside Life Twice Tasted, I've got two books now there for reference, Six to go. I have placed them on the tabs at the top. 

Every one of these will have some commentary from me - eg how the stories came about -  as well as a sample chapter or two ...

I daren't ask you what you think until it is all done! Could take me a week, Then I'll be dashing down to London for Christmas...

So as I say, bear with me!


Tuesday 16 December 2014

Building a New Site

Dear Friends,

Bear with me! I am just about to build a new site especially for my books - books that I have written and books that I am reading.

This will include the 'stories behind the stories' as well as  sample chapters and reviews - of my books and work of other writers who I think might interest you.

I will link from the main Life Twice Tasted blog all the posts that come under this banner after a short introduction.

On the main Life Twice Tasted blog I will focus on more esoteric considerations and   events in my life as well as thoughts reflecting my obsession with writing process.

More anon